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The Town of Whitland

Whitland is a market town in West Carmarthenshire and the final town before crossing the border into Pembrokeshire. There are two schools: the primary school is Ysgol Llys Hywel; the secondary is Dyffryn Taf. Whitland has many local sporting teams including Rugby union, football (soccer), cricket, short and long mat bowls, darts and billiards. Whitland is a branch line station, originally at the junction of the South Wales Main Line with two branch lines: Pembroke Dock, and Cardigan. The latter was closed as a result of the Beeching cuts in the early 1960s.

Clubs & Societies

Whitland has a diverse range of local clubs, groups and societies. Whether it's local history, the book club or the local cycling club you will find a group to get involved with.

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Local Information & Business

Whitland has a vibrant business community, serving the people of Whitland with local produce and services. Take a look at the many businesses in Whitland and what they can do for you.

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