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Cliciwch yma i weld tudalen yn yr Gymraeg

The Mayor until May 2020 is Barry Chapman. The Deputy Mayor position until May 2020 is currently vacant.

 Councillors – Cynghorwyr

  • Sue Allen (elected), Rob Morgan(elected), Ron Jenkins MBE (elected), Raymond Jones (elected), Len Shipton (elected), Barry Chapman (co-opted), Gabriela Poore (co-opted), Ffion Scourfield (co-opted), Mathew McDowall (co-opted), David Walsh-Gibbon (co-opted), Jenny Davies-Scourfield (co-opted).


Register of interests for Councillors.


Committee membership:

Staffing - Cllr Chapman as Chairman, Cllr Poore, Cllr Jenkins MBE

Christmas - Cllr Chapman as Chairman, Cllr Poore, Cllr Sue Allen, Cllr Scourfield, Cllr McDowall.

Policy Working Party - Cllr Chapman as Chairman, Cllr Poore, Cllr Scourfield.

Finance Working Party - Cllr Chapman as Chairman, Cllr Poore, Cllr Scourfield, Cllr Davies-Scourfield.

Whitland Abbey Working Party - Cllr Poore, Cllr Shipton, Cllr Walsh-Gibbon.


In 2019-20 Whitland Town Council resolved to work on the following projects and activities on behalf of the town:

The Council organised and co-ordinated some of the many events throughout 2019, when Whitland was Carmarthenshire’s Town of Culture. Events included talks, walks, book launches, sporting events, and various social events, as well as a very successful and popular ‘Glimpses of Whitland’ display put on in Whitland Memorial Hall, illustrating the richness and variety of Whitland over the decades.

The Council took on the lease for Whitland Abbey ruins and started a long term project for its promotion and development, including establishing links with the connected historical monuments in both Wales and Ireland, working with CADW and Dyfed Archaeological Trust, producing a leaflet on the history of the site, and having a talk on site that proved very popular. More will happen in the coming years.

The temporary toilet at Bryngwenllian for visitors to the playground was reviewed, and it was agreed to continue having one there for the summer months. The field at Station Road will be developed into a recreational area for local residents, with trees and seating. The Council provided a bench adjacent to this area, near Pont Pipriac during the year, aided by a very generous donation from Whitland Memorial Hall and the Ex-Servicemen’s Association. The Counicl also relocated the old town map to the same area as this seat, and put up bright modern 'play maps' in various locations around the toewn to highlight all the opportunities for play that there are. The Council has agreed with Nasareth Chapel to take on ownership of their cemetery, and once the legal aspects are completed will manage this as a cemetery available to all Whitland residents. The Council also worked with the Parc Dr. Owen Committee to renovate the tennis court in the Parc and provide equipment so that it could be safely used once more. The Council also agreed to participate in the Carmarthenshire wide streetlight replacement project, where the current lighting that is old fashioned will be replaced with more economical and eco-friendly lighting throughout the town.


In 2018/19 Councillors resolved to work on the following projects on behalf of the town:

Join in with the Laugharne and St Clears area to work towards a Dementia Friendly Town initiative. Taf Dementia Friends Community Action Group TAF DF CAG. (Official Launch February 1st 2019) Free Town Wi Fi introduced into the Town Centre covering Livestock Mart, Car Parks, Train Station and Parc Dr Owen which will help promote events in the Town. Expand the Town Christmas event. Take responsibility for the Whitland Abbey Ruins as a part of the Abbey By Way walk. Work with local Ramblers and the County Council to help improve the footpaths and signs. Support the steering group to be part of the Whitland Town of Culture 2019 Initiative. Place a defibrillator in the Town Centre helped by a very generous donation from the Whitland Male Voice Choir. Councillors and volunteers to receive training for operation of the defibrillator. Support the newly appointed Town Clerk to introduce and revise policies in line with current legislation. Clear the field at Station Road which formerly fell under the Town Councils responsibility with a view to a recreational re-use. Place a temporary toilet at Bryngwenllian for visitors to the playground. Resolved to place speed awareness sign at Velfrey road in 2019 financial year. (approved by adjacent house owners) at request of residents. Three Cllrs have received Dementia Friends training. Cllrs. BC, GP, SA.  Donations to local voluntary groups as listed in the minutes.




In 2017/18 Councillors resolved to work on the following projects on behalf of the town:


Completion of 106 projects with solar panels on the Sports and Social Club, LED lights for the sports pitch on Parc Dr Owen and trees at the Cricket Club. Feasibility study on the graveyards within the Town to consider the scope of future support. Consider how to best allocate a further £18k 106 funds to Parc Dr Owen for the benefit of the wider community. Improve links with Town Business and support the Post Office. Work to increase footfall to the Town by continued links with Carmarthenshire Tourism Association. Work with Llanboidy Community Council to help keep the Abbey ruins open to visitors. Improve parking facilities at Bryngwenllian and at the Livestock Mart. Create Facebook page to support communication with residents and business. Consider free Wi Fi for the Town. CCTV and a Memorial Seat placed outside the public toilets. Clear undergrowth and increase area for play facilities and alternative parking at Bryngwenllian.  Donations to local voluntary groups as listed in the minutes.



In 2016/17 Councillors resolved to work on the following projects on behalf of the town:

It was decided to keep the precept at its current level for 2017/18; Takeover of Bryngwenllian Playground from the County Council to ensure permanent continuation within the Whitland Community; Put in place a slightly extended grass cutting contract for the next three years; Support the continuation of the Whitland Town Council Car Park area on the lower dairy site (by courtesy of the Owners) ; Work to improve the visual amenity for St Mary street residents; Provide additional seating in the Town Centre to assist those that would like a rest; Adopt the disused red telephone kiosk on Velfrey road and include some local information for visitors;  Support our Town Council Staff Member, Mr John Lewis, with the many jobs around the Town and ongoing re-painting of street furniture to keep the Town looking it's best; Continue to update the website to inform residents; Help the retailers within the Town by facilitating events such as the very successful Christmas 2016 Fair;  Refresh paintwork at the Public Toilets as required; To work with Network Rail who have supported the Town Council by improving the cleanliness and providing the large flower tubs to be maintained by Mr John Lewis, Donations to local voluntary groups as listed in the minutes.


In 2015 /2016 Councillors resolved to work on the following projects on behalf of the Town:

Following on from the previous year of work a new pathway was complete in Parc Dr Owen and Solar panels were installed on the Bowls Club and Rugby Club. The heritage sculpture seat was installed at Parc Dr Owen.  A successful bid to Safe Routes means traffic calming improvements throughout the Town scheduled to be complete by March 2017. The big campaign for a re-sited bus park at the West of the Town goes on. A Christmas sub Committee has been formed to improve the annual celebrations along with other groups and businesses. It is open to all interested parties and involves a Christmas Market event on St John Street.  The 106 monies will be used to provide a resurfacing of the By Way between King Edward street and Cross street to be completed before Christmas in 2016. A PoP up Shop consultation event was held in ML Davies (Mrs Monty’s) in September 2016 in order to help support the Town Centre. Donations and support to Whitland groups including YFC, QT Dementia group and Breastfeeding support group.


In 2014/2015 Councillors resolved to work on the following projects on behalf of the Town :

A weekly Job Club called "Whitland Works Well" to assist people improve their chances of work or changing jobs; the re-siting of the school bus park to the outskirts of the Town by Whitland engineering to reduce congestion on North Road and support safe walking to school; extra grass trimming around Pont Pipriac and Maes Abaty to improve the tidiness of the Town; reducing the cost of Christmas Lighting; improving pathways around the Town; assisting the Memorial Hall with their celebration project garden for 2016; solar panels for the Bowls club. Two new Councillors were welcomed Leeann Smith and Rachel Calvert.

In 2013/2014 Councillors resolved to work on the following projects on behalf of the Town :

Flood strategy for the Town; Renewable Energy policy and projects; Further Train Station improvements; sharing a grant aided Project and Events Coordinator with St Clears Town Council to support community groups and promote both Towns and create a Facebook page. The cycle club and walking clubs were initiated via the Project Coordinator, Helen Williams,  with the support of Sue Adams at the Station House and Gareth Edwards and his cycling pals. These clubs are still going strong.

In 2012/2013 Councillors resolved to work on the following projects on behalf of the Town :

New Informative Website; Open Public Toilets 24 hours; Leaflet for the Abbey Walk; Financial help towards school uniforms for Ysgol Llys Hywel; Adopt the Train Station; Adopt model standing orders and join One Voice Wales; Employ a P/T Handyperson to enhance features of the Town; Donations to local individuals and groups.


Your Town Council Staff

  • Mrs Vicky Mitchell , Mr John Lewis.

Town Council Auditor

  • Llewelyn Davies of Whitland.

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