Whitland Town Council

Whitland Town Council

Information about Whitland Town Council.

If you would like to represent Whitland Town as Councillor on the Town Council - Please contact the Clerk Email Clerk@whitlandtowncouncil.co.uk

Election Notices - Click on Link for More Information

Town Councillor Notice (Welsh)

Town Councillor Notice (English)

County Councillor Notice (Welsh)

County Councillor Notice (English)

Next Town Council Meeting

All Town Council meetings are generally held on the Second Monday of the month at 7pm via a live Zoom link.

All meetings are open to the public. If you have something to dicusss please contact the Clerk so that it can be included on the next agenda.

If you wish to attend any of the meetings please contact the Clerk before 1pm of the meeting date, when you will be sent the relevant information to enable you to join the meetings.

Part Time Town Development and Events Co-ordinator for Whitland.

Whitland Town Council is looking for an enthusiastic and well-organised Town Development and Events Co-ordinator

For further information please see attched Job Specification

Closing date for applications 28/11/2023 (5pm) with interviews being carried out week beginning 04/12/2023

The successful candidate to commence work week beginning 01/01/2024


Whitland Town Council are in the process of applying for further funding, from Carmarthenshire County Council, to fund phase Two of play equipment at Parc Dr Owen.

The criteria to enable this funding to be applied for is Kinetic Play - This is an exciting, different type of play equipment offering the children an opportunity of learning about sound and movement while playing.

Watch this space.

Town Council Members


  • Raymond Jones (Elected)
  • Len Shipton (Elected)
  • Mathew McDowall (Elected)
  • Jenny Davies-Scourfield (Elected)
  • Rhys Davies (Elected)
  • Jonathen Blandford (Elected)
  • Sian McDowall (Co-Opted)
  • Eleri Morgans (Co-Opted)

Clerk - Melanie Priestley CiLCA (Wales)

Mayor - Cllr Len Shipton

Vice-Chair - Cllr Matthew McDowell

Working Group Membership

  • Staffing Working Group - Cllrs Shipton, Davies-Scourfield, Jones and Blandford
  • Finance Working Group - Cllr Davies- Scourfield, Cllr Shipton, Blandford and Cllr M McDowell
  • Grounds Management Group - Cllr Shipton, M McDowell, S McDowell, Jones and Blandford