Whitland Town Council

Whitland Town Council

Information about Whitland Town Council.

Town Council Notices


Next Town Council Meeting

All Town Council meetings are generally held on the Second Monday of the month at 7pm in the Mayors Parlour, The Town Hall, King Edwards Street, Whitland, SA34 0AA.

All meetings are open to the public. If you have something to dicusss please contact the Clerk so that it can be included on the next agenda.

Due to Covid 19 and Government imposed restrictions, all meetings are being held remotely via the medium of zoom. If you wish to attend any of the meetings please contact the Clerk before 1pm of the meeting date, when you will be sent the relevant information to enable you to join the meetings.

Latest Meeting Minutes

You can download previous and the latest Town Council meeting minutes on the Council Minutes page.

You can find all Council Annual Reports here.

Town Council Members


  • Raymond Jones (elected)
  • Len Shipton (elected)
  • Barry Chapman (Co-opted)
  • Ffion Scourfield (Co-opted)
  • Mathew McDowall (Co-opted)
  • Jenny Davies-Scourfield (Co-opted)
  • Rhys Davies (Co-opted)
  • Frank Connor-Hughes (Co-opted)
  • Jonathen Blandford (Co-opted)
  • John Dobson (Co-opted)
  • Julie Jones (Co-opted)
  • Enfys Eynon (Co-opted)

Locum Clerk - Melanie Priestley

Chairman - Cllr Barry Chapman

Vice-Chair - Cllr Jenny Davies-Scourfield

Working Group Membership

  • Staffing Working Group - Cllr Chapman as Chairman, Cllr Davies- Scourfield and Cllr Scourfield
  • Christmas - Cllr Chapman as Chairman, Cllr Scourfield and Cllr McDowall.
  • Policy Working Group - Cllr Chapman as Chairman, Cllr Scourfield and the Clerk
  • Finance Working Group - Cllr Chapman as Chairman, Cllr Scourfield, Cllr Davies-Scourfield and Cllr McDowell
  • Grounds Management Group - Cllr Shipton as Chairman, Cllr J Jones, Cllr R Hughes, Cllr E Eynon and Cllr Chapman
  • Play Park Task and Finish Group - Cllr Scourfield, Cllr Davies-Scourfield, Cllr Shipton and Cllr Chapman
  • Whitland Abbey Working Group-  Under Consideration