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Town Council Contact Details

Clerk: Mrs Melanie Priestley

Email: clerk@whitlandtowncouncil.co.uk

Tel: 07525 007068

Address: Top Office, County Chambers, Warren Street, Tenby, SA70 7JS

Town Council Meetings

All meetings are open to the public and are generally held on the second Monday of the month at 7pm, in the Mayors Parlour at The Town Hall, King Edwards Street, Whitland, SA34 0AA


2021/2022 General Meeting Dates:

Monday 14th June 2021 (7pm)

Monday 12th July 2021 (7pm)

Monday 9th August 2021 (7pm)

Monday 13th September 2021 (7pm)

Monday 11th October 2021 (7pm)

Monday 8th November 2021 (7pm)

Monday 13th December 2021 (7pm)

Monday 10th January 2022 (7pm)

Monday 14th February 2022 (7pm)

Monday 14th March 2022 (7pm)

Weather the meetings are to be held remotely, face to face for Councillors with a live link to Zoom for members of the public (and any absent Councillors) to log into or face to face meetings with members of the public to attend in person (with a possible link to Zoom for members of the public or absent Councillors to attend) will be confirmed at the previous meeting.

For further information or to request to attend a meeting, please contact the Clerk Email: clerk@whitlandtowncouncil.co.uk

If you have something to discuss please contact the Clerk and it can be included on the next most convenient agenda. See meeting minutes and agendas for more information.

Whitland Town Council aims to develop and encourage a working environment and culture in which the harassment, discrimination and/or bullying of its staff or Members is neither tolerated nor accepted


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