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Please see the services and amenities page for the latest on what shops are providing in Whitland during the coronavirus epidemic.

For local help - ring 01994 240867  which is a 24/7 answerphone number that is checked daily, or 01994 240036. 

We will get back to you.


Staying Safe – An Update

There have been lots of mixed messages over the past few days. Whitland Town Council thinks it is important that you know what is happening in Whitland and the surrounding areas.

Our local Health Board is trying to cope with three separate things:

Corona virus in the community. This is why there has been so much discussion about the R number. The R number is simply the rate at which the infection is transmitted between people. At the moment the R number in Wales is around 0.8. This means that everyone who has the virus is likely to infect 0.8 other people. Mark Drakeford (First Minister) has said that if the R number remains the same then we will still sadly experience a number of deaths. If the R number rises to 1 then the number of predicted deaths rises dramatically, by a factor of about x 8.

So it is very important to stay at home and stay safe, protecting yourself and your community.

The virus is still tragically impacting on care homes, with many deaths being reported. We would like to express out heart- felt thanks to all those care workers who are caring for our vulnerable loved ones in such difficult circumstances.

So you can help our care workers by staying at home and observing social distancing rules if you have to go out. Don’t take the risk that you infect a key worker

Our local hospital is caring for those who are very sick. Again, we can only thank all those brave front line health staff who are caring for our family, friends and neighbours. The numbers of hospital cases is starting to drop because we have all observed the rules about lock down


Protect our local health services by staying at home and follow the lockdown rules. But remember that if you have a serious medical emergency like a suspected heart attack or stroke you must seek urgent medical attention. The NHS is still there for people who need urgent and emergency care other than Covoid cases.


Why everyone should use social distancing Gentle reminder

The lockdown rules in Wales (not to be confused with England) are simple and we all know them:


  • You can go out for exercise (but stay close to home) and to pick up shopping or prescriptions
  • Stay 2 metres (about 6 feet away) from other people.
  • Work from home if you can

It has been a tough few weeks but the rules remain the same for the next 3 weeks. Let’s help ourselves by following them.




Welcome to Whitland – Croeso i Hendy Gwyn ar Daf
Twinned with Pipriac in Brittany. France

Whitland - South Wales



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April 2020


Whitland Town Council continue to support the efforts of all of those who are working so hard to keep people safe and looked - after during this pandemic. We applaud all the efforts that are being made, and the work that continues to be done by individuals, groups and businesses. Thank you so much.


We urge people to stay at home as much as they can and abide by the Government instuctions to keep themselves and other people safe.


Unfortunately the current restrictions mean that Whitland Town Council is unable to carry out normal activities itself, including having meetings as usual or fulfilling legislative requirements as normal. This includes the annual financial audit being delayed. We will endeavour to get what must be done sorted as soon as possible.


Should you have any queries, please do get in contact with the Clerk -





Whitland is a rural working town with 2,200 residents and is Twinned with Pipriac in Brittany. Set in the River Taf valley, Whitland serves surrounding farming communities. Transport links are excellent with direct train services to major cities and the A40 trunk road is located one mile from the Town centre. Whitland is linked culturally to King Hywel Dda and has a ruined Abbey alongside the circular Abbey walk. Pocket Interpretive Gardens represent and celebrate the laws set out by Hywel Dda.

Whitland - South WalesThere are bilingual Primary and Secondary schools along with a variety of local shops serving the Town. It is possible to get essentials from 6am until 10pm. A Doctors Practice and Pharmacy are located centrally and banking is available at the Post Office with two cash points located in the Town Centre. The area benefits from a recycle centre open seven days a week, a monthly Local Produce market and weekly Farmers livestock mart. Businesses such as Magstim, Whitland Engineering, Riverlea Tractors, Davies Builders, David Harries and the Schools are key employers. There are lots of community activities for everyone to enjoy such as a Young Farmers Club, Sequence Dancing, ATC,  Zumba, Karate, Gardening Club. Allotments are available and the picnic park next to the river Taf. 

Sports facilities include a Bowling Club, Cricket Club, Cycling Club, Gym, Walking Club, Boxing Club, Rugby and Football Clubs and youngsters are encouraged to take part. There is a small play park at Bryngwenllian and a larger Parc Dr Owen in the centre of the town which is the site of the annual Carnival. The River Taf and Afon Gronw run through the town and are stocked with Salmon and Trout to keep the anglers busy.

Our Heritage Page shares the history and stories of Town 

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